Who are Coin Publications?

Coin Publications is a small family owned publishing company based in London, UK and Saxony, Germany. We produce a range of quality price-guide and reference books, mainly on subjects relating to coins and other collectables, including medals and banknotes. Most of the books are paperbacks and priced under £10.00. We also publish a couple of beautifully produced hardbacks. All print books are also available as eBooks (with the exception of the colouring book!).

The History of Coin Publications

Coin Publications was formed as ‘Rotographic’ in 1959 by Richard John Marles (1925-2013) in Torquay, Devon. Initially, equipped with printing machinery, they took on local print jobs and were also known as Belgravia Press, after the Belgravia Hotel, which at the time was owned by Mr Marles’ parents. The name ‘Rotographic’ was contrived from the words ‘Rotogravure’ and ‘Lithographic’, names of two prevalent printing techniques at the time. In the mid 1960’s Mr Marles decided to exploit the huge sudden interest in coin collecting, which was in the main, due to the forthcoming demise of the £SD pre-decimal coinage system.

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The Present and Future of Coin Publications 

Between October 2004 and November 2017 we published forty new books. Of those, many have been updated editions of established titles. Eight have been completely new titles. There are currently fourteen books in print and three new books in the pipeline.

Our long term aim is no doubt a logical one for any publisher – to have as many useful titles in print as possible. We’d like the range to consist of at least fifteen books by the end of 2018.

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The main books sell very well, but it’s never really been all about profit or sales. Our primary aim is to spread and share knowledge on coins and related subjects. To enable collectors of all ages to easily obtain honest and accurate information on coins, medals, banknotes and other collectables. If I can inspire one youngster in the same way that my first Rotographic book inspired me as an 11 year old in 1989, then that to me would be more rewarding than any volume of sales! In this post internet-revolution world there are so many people out to take advantage of inexperience and so many for whom profit is the only motivator. In every field there are people selling things about which they know very little themselves.

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