Coin Publications, an imprint of Rotographic!

Although well established and fairly well-known as a publisher of coin related books, the name ‘Rotographic’ actually came about in the late 1950s when Rotographic was strictly a printing firm that carried out printing jobs for local businesses. Not many people know that it was originally made up from the ‘roto’ of rotogravure and the […]


Welcome to the Coin Publications website. We are a small family run publishing company that has specialised in numismatic titles since 1965. Previously known as Rotographic, we published the biggest selling coin book of all-time, namely “Check Your Change”, which sold 1.75 million copies in 5 years. Today we are known for our high quality accurate price-guides and […]

The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain

I’m pleased to announce that Rotographic have secured the exclusive rights to publish “The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain” by Michael J. Freeman in paperback and eBook form. The new book (cover shown) will be less than half the cost of the currently available previous hardback only edition. This book is considered one of the most important works on British bronze […]

TV Appearence

Look out for Rotographic books: Thursday, 10pm on BBC4 A new BBC comedy series focusing on the exploits of two metal detectorists, starring, written and directed by MacKenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones) used a copy of “Collectors’ Coins GB 2014” on screen. MacKenzie Crook is a keen amateur metal-detectorist in […]