The Present and Future of Coin Publications

Between October 2004 and November 2017 I have published forty new Rotographic/Coin Publications books. Of those, many have been new updated editions of established titles. Eight have been completely new titles. There are currently fourteen books in print and three new books in the pipeline.

My long term aim is no doubt a very basic one for any publisher – to have as many useful titles in print as possible. I’d like the range to consist of at least fifteen by the end of 2018.

Rotographic/Coin Publications is embracing new technology and is more interactive than ever before, too. From 2013 the range of books was made available as eBooks, which was another first for UK published numismatic titles.

As of 2017 the biggest selling book also has a popular app (currently for Android and coming soon for Apple devices) called ‘Check Your Change’ which consists of a very useable and visual way to keep track of your collection of UK decimal coins for free, or, for a small fee, adds over 1,100 valuations for coins in ‘used’ and ‘as new’ condition. The beauty of the app is that valuation data can be kept up to date by simply rolling out an update. The app is available on Google Play, here.