The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain

I’m pleased to announce that Rotographic have secured the exclusive rights to publish “The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain” by Michael J. Freeman in paperback and eBook form. The new book (cover shown) will be less than half the cost of the currently available previous hardback only edition.

This book is considered one of the most important works on British bronze coinage and in actual fact it is the only single reference for all three of the bronze pre-decimal coin denominations (the penny, halfpenny and farthing). It’s reference numbers are commonly used by all coin auction houses and many sellers of bronze coins to denote the specific coin variety.

Initially the book will be published for the first time as a paperback in it’s original current form, as first produced in 1985, but with over 80% new images in the main section and the important addition of a new appendix containing details of over 100 new coin varieties. Unlike the previous edition, it will not include decimals as not only did it only cover up to 1984, it was also felt that there are other books on decimals, including the current Rotographic title “Collectors’ Coins – Decimal Issues of the UK“. The values list at the back will also be removed as they tend to go out of date very quickly and for the rarer types the values are only ever educated guesses and cannot always be accurate. The eBook version (compatible with smartphones, tablets and e-readers) will help open the book up to an entirely new generation of collector.

In the future it is hoped that it can be expanded to include all of the newly discovered varieties within the main text, with new numbering and completely new images, potentially in colour.

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